Zombicide: Black Plague – Wulfsburg
Zombicide: Black Plague – Wulfsburg

Zombicide: Black Plague – Wulfsburg

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Zombicide: Black Plague – Wulfsburg Uitbreiding
The opening days of the zombie war saw the kingdom shattered. The strongest and smartest among us only survived through mass zombicide. We had no idea just how far the invasion had spread until we learned that the king’s forces were scattered to the winds like leaves and most of the great cities had fallen. However, rumors persisted of holdouts in Wulfsburg.
If we can take back one city, we can take them all back! We’ll liberate Wulfsburg and save its stalwart holdouts. We’ll teach them all the true meaning of…ZOMBICIDE!
Wulfsburg is an expansion for the Zombicide: Black Plague board game. Explore new ways to hunt zombies with four new survivors and 18 new Equipment cards featuring magic weapons and potent spells! Beware, however: the quick and merciless Zombie Wolfz are on your tail all through 10 breathtaking new missions. Slash your way to the top of the towers marking your new hunting ground. Who’s the apex predator now? Welcome to Wulfsburg!
2 double-sided game tiles
22 zombie wolf miniatures
4 survivor miniatures and ID cards
4 plastic dashboards and color bases
32 plastic trackers
30 cards
1 Rulebook

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