The River
The River

The River

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In The River, you and the other mayoral players each struggle to create the best pioneer settlement by developing land along a river bed in your town, collecting resources from the area, and constructing buildings. As you explore and build up the untouched frontier, your workers will settle down along the way, meaning that your other workers will shoulder more of the burden to do what you want to do, which includes making nicely organized landscapes to please the aestheticians in town.
Every decision counts in this fast and streamlined tile-placement game, and in the end the player with the most impressive settlement will win!
1 double-sided Main Game Board
4 sets of components (1 per player)
1 double-sided River Board
1 Boat
5 Pioneer Meeples
44 resource tokens
65 Terrain Tiles
1 First Player Pawn
33 Building Cards
20 Bonus Tokens
1 Rules booklet

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