Small World River World Uitbreiding
Small World River World Uitbreiding

Small World River World Uitbreiding

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Small World River World
“- Arrr, ya scalawags, here thar be booty. Prepare for battle!”
Armed to the teeth, a ferocious bunch of pirates is descending the river, directly threatening your harbors. How will your Merchant Dwarves fare against the sea rats? Maybe you should have left before, as the Elves did… they told you that they had foreseen great trouble in the Temple of the Seer, but as usual, you didn’t listen. After the pirates, who knows what could happen?
In Small World River World, players discover new maps full of water regions haunted by merciless pirates. Players need to defend their precious harbors against them, fight them on the river, and still keep an eye on their opponents! Some regions such as the shipyard or the temple of the seer may help them to have the upper hand, but in River World, there is still not enough room for everybody. And random events that trigger on each turn add to the chaos!
Small World: River World includes two double-sided game boards. (4 Maps of River World, contained on two double-sided boards, one for each of the four possible player configurations)
Note: To play with this expansion, you will also need the following contents from Small World: race banners, special power badges, markers, victory coins, and the reinforcement die.
Recommend that you remove the “Flying” special power before playing with this expansion.
2 double-sided game boards
12 pirate ships markers
1 caravel marker
11 event markers
Rule booklet

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