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Dream Home
Dream Home by Rebel is the perfect game for players of all ages. Easy to learn and quick to play, this family board game for two to four players puts you behind the drafting table, designing and building the most beautiful home on the block. Each player has a house to fill over the course of twelve card-drafting rounds, utilizing tools, hiring help, and choosing furniture along the way. Do you dream of having a library, full to the brim with thought-provoking novels, or would you prefer a large, luxurious bathroom with sauna and jacuzzi? Nothing’s out of bounds in this strategic game of set collection, card placement, and designing your Dream Home!
Rooms for Improvement
One of the two cards you will collect each turn will be a Room card, the main components of your home. Many of these rooms will be the rooms you find in almost any house: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc. These rooms can often be expanded or filled with furniture for more points. You can also earn points for creating a functional house, that includes a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, or a bathroom on each floor.
In addition to the standard rooms, you can also build Basement rooms-which go in the bottom two spaces of your home-or Annexes, which earn extra points for being placed next to the appropriate room. Placing Basement rooms early on can be beneficial because it will allow you to build above the basement spaces earlier than your opponents, while you may prefer to collect Annexes later in the game, when you know which standard rooms you can already attach them to.
Building a Life
The other card you will draft during each of the twelve turns is a special card, which may either give you more points or give you a special ability. Tools allow you to take special actions during the game, such as placing rooms above empty spaces or swapping room cards before you choose yours. Helpers have more impact on the end of the game, allowing you to swap cards in your house, or earn more points for certain kinds of rooms.
You may also collect Furniture and Roof shingles among the special cards. Furniture gives you immediate points, as long as you have the proper room to place them in. However, furniture also restricts you from expanding the room you put it in later, so many those items may be better collected later in the game.
Finally, the Special deck contains Roof cards, which come in different colors. If you collect enough Roof cards, you will gain three points, but if four of your Roof cards are all the same color, you will gain even more! Some Roof cards also have special features, which will give you points regardless of the quantity and colors you have collected.
It’s Moving Day!
The paint is dry and the moving truck is pulling up. Once you’ve established that your home is indeed, the best on the block, you can really settle in and start living the life you always imagined in your Dream Home.
4 House Boards
60 Room cards
28 Roof cards
20 Special cards
10 Furnishing tokens
Wooden House Figure
Score Booklet

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